MacVenac is a Hip Hop duo out of Charlotte, NC, that aims to bring lyricism back to the forefront of Rap. Sticky the Professor & Salute the Savage  have found a way to beautifully blend the lyrical intellect and metaphorical mastery of a post recession college graduate with the raw story telling abilities of a battle tested veteran. The yin & yang effect of this unlikely pair becomes literal poetic justice that can stimulate your spirit, and stir your mind. The mission at MacVenac Entertainment is simple....MacVenac unequivocally believes that reality is perception and every man is accountable for the thoughts he entertains. As such, we are all responsible for our own reality. The reality about MacVenac is that it is greater than the sum of its parts and that its virtue lies not in comparison but in contrast.. recognizing the wisdom in combining lessons learned along paradoxical paths with the same destination..

Stay Lost.....

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